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The Trauma Response Mapping Guide, eBook + Workbook, is a resource for childhood trauma survivors ready to begin the journey of self-discovery, healing, and liberation. This comprehensive guide gently leads you through the process of understanding the roots and impacts of your trauma, developing emotional and somatic literacy, and cultivating the practices and mindset for sustainable trauma recovery and post-traumatic growth. With compassionate guidance, practical tools, and holistic insights, this guide empowers you to release the painful patterns of the past and step into a life of authentic self-expression, resilience, and joy.

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This added such rich, valuable resources to my "mental health toolkit." It helped me merge the two versions of myself I'd been avoiding my whole life. I feel fulfilled on a level I never imagined.

Katie S.

This made me realize the importance of prioritizing myself and my needs. It allowed me the space, resources, and guidance to better understand myself and how to uplift and honor myself.

Kelley T.