Nadia J Charles

Mind Body Wellness Practitioner | Life Coach + Hypnotherapist + Aromatherapist helping women transform the effects of childhood abuse.

Using personal experience and professional training to bring clarity, focus, and insight into the unique challenges adult survivors of childhood abuse face, I work with my clients to release past traumas, connect with their true selves, experience emotional freedom, and live a fulfilling life using three foundational elements of what it means to be an empowered conscious creator.

  • Self Awareness - embrace and integrate how you came to be who you are and where you are today.
  • Personal Accountability - assume responsibility for your decisions and the outcomes of your choices.
  • Personal Integrity - develop a daily practice of living and speaking honestly from your true self.

Are you struggling in life due to the abuse you suffered in childhood as a result of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, or a combination of all three or were affected by having witnessed violence, substance abuse or alcoholism in your home growing up?

Learn More about my one on one coaching programs, Nourish: Unraveling the Effects of Childhood Abuse in Adulthood and Evolve: Reclaim Your Life and Build a New Future

Do you live in the Las Vegas area and want to make real and impactful change in your life, relationships, career, finances, and emotional, and spiritual well-being? Learn more about my weekly book study, Empowering Women Book Study.