Living Liberated Group Experience

In the Living Liberated Group Experience, you will be guided to reclaim your authentic voice and embody your true identity. Over 6 weeks, in a small, supportive group, you'll gently explore the pillars of Lineage, Legacy, Literacy, and Liberation. Through trauma-sensitive practices, you'll release shame, reconnect with your genuine desires and values, and build the safety and skills to express yourself and your choices fully.

The Living Liberated Group Experience is a space for you to:

Through this experience, you'll be able to:

How to know if this is a good fit for you:

The Living Liberated Group is for you if you're ready to vulnerably share your experiences, actively engage in your healing, and connect with others on a similar path. It's a space that thrives on mutual respect, non-judgment, and a willingness to both give and receive support. If you're not quite ready to open up in a group setting or prefer one-on-one support, this might not be the right fit at this time. But if you feel called to be part of a collective journey, to witness others and be witnessed in your healing, and to honor each person's unique pace and perspective, the Living Liberated Group would be honored to have you.

What you receive:

I haven’t seen a class like this so carefully and intentionally led, addressing insecurities for childhood trauma survivors. It would be healing to people who have not had the space to reflect and learn in a safe and supportive group setting.

Michele M.

This program was a magnifying glass that makes it easier to trace back where current dissatisfaction and dysfunction in your life come from and lives. A must-take program for those who want to begin living a more healed life.

Chelsea V.

Within the group, Nadia is able to personalize the approach, allowing each individual the opportunity to learn & grow. She creates a safe environment for personal growth, supportive accountability, and group connection.

Kris K.



or 2 payments of $150