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Hi, I am Nadia J. Charles, a passionate advocate for healing and empowerment in the face of childhood trauma. With a diverse background and personal journey of transformation, I bring a unique perspective to the field of trauma recovery. My own story has shaped my unwavering commitment to this work. I had a turbulent upbringing and experienced childhood emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. Through my experiences, I have gained profound insights into the effects of trauma and the transformative power of resilience and self-empowerment. It is this deep personal understanding that fuels my passion to help others on their healing path.


With over 16 years of professional experience in information management and business systems analysis, I have honed my analytical and problem-solving skills. This expertise allows me to provide practical strategies and solutions for navigating the complexities of trauma recovery. Additionally, my certifications as a trauma recovery coach and mind-body wellness practitioner, along with studies to become certified in Parts Work Through a Polyvagal Lens and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy, provide a holistic foundation for addressing the emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of healing.


I am known for my ability to connect with individuals on a deep level, creating a safe and compassionate space for healing. My superpower lies in my keen intuition and pattern recognition, enabling me to uncover underlying issues and guide my clients toward transformative breakthroughs. I have a gift for helping individuals reframe their trauma stories, challenge negative beliefs, and reclaim their personal power.

Throughout my career, I have witnessed the profound impact of empowered living. By empowering individuals to step into their own strength and potential, I have seen lives transformed, barriers shattered, and new possibilities embraced. My coaching style is rooted in empathy, resilience, and self-compassion, creating a supportive and empowering environment for growth and healing.


With unwavering dedication and a deep sense of purpose, I am committed to walking alongside individuals as they navigate the complexities of trauma recovery. Through my coaching, I strive to create a more compassionate, just, and inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to heal and thrive. Drawing inspiration from the principles of awareness, authenticity, and alignment, I developed the Therapeutic Resilience Approach (TRA)™ — a unique methodology that underscores the importance of understanding our lineage, transforming our legacy, fortifying our emotional literacy, and ultimately finding liberation.


Together, let us embark on a journey of transformation and empowerment, one that honors the strength and resilience within each of us.

1. How does my coaching process work?

My coaching process is deeply rooted in the Therapeutic Resilience Approach (TRA)™, a methodology I've thoughtfully crafted for profound, transformative healing. We start by establishing a secure foundation, collaboratively developing safety plans and grounding practices. This foundation facilitates the exploration of Lineage to comprehend inherited patterns and Legacy to transform past influences into strength. Unacknowledged grief is addressed, promoting healing and release. We enhance Literacy by deepening emotional understanding and finally move to Liberation, encouraging autonomy and freedom. This transformative journey is not linear but flexibly adapts to your unique needs and pace, creating a personalized healing experience.

I may engage in "parts work," which enables you to explore and integrate the varied aspects of yourself and harmonize internal conflicts. Using Polyvagal Theory, I cultivate a stable environment, focusing on practices like mindful breathing to regulate your nervous system. I may also employ somatic approaches to aid you in releasing embodied emotions and tensions. Through navigating Lineage, Legacy, Literacy, and Liberation elements of TRA, and addressing grief, these methods allow you to experience holistic healing on intellectual, physical, and emotional levels.

I may also call upon my intuition to infuse other modalities such as hypnotherapy, a gentle relaxation technique designed to peel back, reframe, or replace memories or mindsets that act as barriers to your progress, aromatherapy, where I recommend therapeutic essential oil blends that act as soothing balms to facilitate emotional restoration and invigorate positive emotional states, and lastly bibliotherapy, suggesting written works that can provide invaluable insights, catalyzing healing, and spurring positive change.

2. What makes my coaching style unique and effective?

What truly differentiates my coaching style is the integration of the four core elements: lineage, legacy, literacy, and liberation. Instead of just addressing the surface symptoms, I delve into the deeper cultural, ancestral, and personal narratives that might be influencing not only observable behaviors but also how individuals see themselves, which can, in turn, affect their decisions and life path. This comprehensive approach not only leads to healing from trauma but also equips individuals with the literacy to understand their emotional responses and the foundation for resilient and empowered living.

3. Who is an ideal candidate for my coaching services?

An ideal candidate is a high-achieving woman of color who's experienced childhood trauma and feels its lingering effects in their daily life. Whether you're dealing with the effects of perfectionism, such as overwhelm and stress, or grappling with internal battles like self-doubt or anxiety, or external challenges like strained relationships or workplace stress, and if you're ready to embark on a transformative journey towards healing and rediscovering your true self, you're the person I'm here to help.

4. What kind of transformation can a client expect from my coaching?

Through my coaching, clients embark on a profound journey of transformation. While the depth of change depends on individual commitment, goal-setting, and consistent action, the trajectory often leads towards deeper self-awareness, harnessing one's authenticity, and aligning daily actions with genuine purpose. Over time, many clients experience increased resilience, enriched relationships, heightened self-worth, and a refreshed enthusiasm for life.

5. Can I share a success story that demonstrates my coaching impact?

Absolutely. I had the privilege of working with a client who had spent nearly a decade in traditional talk therapy. When they came to me, they were grappling with profound self-criticism and a feeling of low self-worth, which strained their relationship with themselves and with others around them. Together, we delved into the trauma from their childhood and teenage years. My client described our sessions as the 'most gentle, encouraging, insightful, and non-judgmental healing journey' they'd ever experienced. Through our time together, they not only uncovered the core of their trauma but also developed genuine self-compassion, started on the path of forgiveness, and began to truly move forward in life. They emphasized that the transformation they experienced with me was unparalleled to any other therapy they had undergone. This client's journey illustrates the depth of healing and self-discovery that's possible through our work together.

6. Why should someone unsure about coaching decide to work with me?

Uncertainty is natural, especially when dealing with something as intimate as trauma recovery. However, what sets me apart is my genuine, empathetic approach. I don't believe in 'one-size-fits-all' solutions. Instead, I tailor my strategies to each individual, ensuring they feel seen, heard, and valued. If you're looking for a space where you're not just another client but a unique individual with a unique story, I would be honored to support you.

Thanks for reaching out!

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