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When people would ask me how I survived the trauma of my childhood, I was always baffled.

I didn't have an answer for them because, in truth, I was existing, not living. I hadn't overcome my trauma; I was just living with the invisible scars. I wanted to have this great story of courage and triumph, but instead, it was a story of sadness, emptiness, loneliness, disconnection, anxiety, and despair.

I realized how deeply depressed I was when I went away to college. My freshman year could have been my last year on earth because thoughts of harming myself were a constant. I wasn't good at making friends, my grades suffered, and I was discovering that I was attracted to the same sex.

Time passed, and I transitioned into adulthood. I completed college, traveled, got a Master's degree, got hired at a prestigious company where I worked for over 14 years, bought a home, then another, and had a social life. From all outward appearances, I was a successful, confident young woman.

But on the inside, I was a mess. I struggled with my sexuality and relationships. I had panic attacks and didn't know how to connect with my emotions, much less handle them. I didn't know who I was or what I wanted out of life.

The effects of my sexual, physical, and emotional abuse resulted in approval seeking and people pleasing. This played out in two ways: I was a love and sex addict, but at the same time, I was afraid of intimacy from the fear of being engulfed and losing my autonomy. In addition, I desperately wanted to belong, be accepted, and be acknowledged as intelligent, put together, and successful, so I molded myself into someone I thought other people would love, approve of, and, more importantly, not abandon.

Through education and practice and with loving and encouraging support, I began to understand how the wounds from my past affected my everyday life. I learned that my emotions created my thoughts, my thoughts created my actions, and my actions created my results. Those results recreated the same emotions of pain, stress, grief, depression, hopelessness, helplessness, worry, anxiety, and shame.

Some of the life choices of trauma survivors like me are,

Connecting with my emotions, holding space to process my long-buried pain, and recognizing and understanding the roots of these patterns of behavior were key in my trauma recovery journey. When I began to connect the dots between my past and my present-day results, I felt more empowered and committed to creating the life I desired, letting go of my attachment to others' validation and approval.

I'm now on a mission to empower, inspire, and support women in creating and living an emotionally healthy, vibrant, and fulfilled life because we all deserve to feel at peace, happy, satisfied, fulfilled, and complete within ourselves and our relationships.

Making positive changes in life can feel like the most difficult challenge. Having support is paramount during periods of transition. A supportive and healthy environment and the right network of friends, family, a coach, or a mentor will help propel you toward success.

As a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach and Mind Body Wellness Practitioner, I use personal experience and professional training in trauma recovery coaching, parts work, somatic therapy, life coaching, hypnotherapy, and aromatherapy to bring clarity, focus, and insight into and relief from the unique challenges adult survivors of childhood trauma face.

I work with my clients to release past traumas, connect with their true selves, experience emotional freedom, and live a fulfilling life using three foundational elements of what it means to be an empowered conscious creator:




When you evolve beyond the limitations your past has placed on you, you feel inspired and committed to creating the life you desire, empowered and connected to your innate power to shift the trajectory of your life, and able to recognize and stand up for your values, enforce your boundaries, and feel decisive and ready to take action with a strong sense of purpose and direction.

My Philoshophy

In the words of Dr. Gabor Maté, trauma is not what happened to you. Trauma is what happened inside you as a result of what happened to you. Therefore, the challenges you may be experiencing in adulthood do not mean you are broken. You are having normal responses as a result of your experiences

Trauma destabilizes your sense of safety, disorients your sense of belonging, distorts your sense of worth, disrupts your ability to relate healthily, dysregulates your emotions, and disconnects you from your body and your Authentic Self.

Trauma recovery coaching works to restore safety and your Authentic Self and dismantle trauma's toxic effects.

I believe that in order to heal individually, a combination of three things is required, psychoeducation (an understanding of the emotional, psychological, biological, and relational aftereffects of trauma), deep self-awareness, and healthy relating.

Psychological, biological, emotional, and relational aftereffects of trauma

Deep self-awareness includes:

Healthy relating includes:

I believe that in order to heal communally, we must acknowledge that culturally, abuse has been normalized, minimized, overlooked, ignored, justified, and perpetuated generation after generation and that we must bring care, compassion, consideration, courage, and curiosity into our relationships.

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I work with women of color survivors of childhood trauma who, on the outside, seem to have it all together but who, on the inside, feel anything but. 

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