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Nadia J. Charles

Holistic Healing

for Childhood Trauma Survivors

Empowering survivors of childhood trauma to reclaim their voice and choice.

I provide trauma recovery coaching, focusing on the deep wounds of childhood trauma.

Hi, I'm Nadia J. Charles, a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach who blends my Therapeutic Resilience Approach (TRA)™ with Parts Work, Polyvagal Theory, and body-based approaches to help women of color transform the lingering burdens of childhood trauma into emotional regulation, self-awareness, and resilience.


My unique Therapeutic Resilience Approach (TRA)™, rooted in awareness, authenticity, and alignment, emphasizes understanding lineage, transforming legacy, enhancing emotional literacy, and fostering liberation.

Therapeutic Resilience Approach (TRA)™

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The Therapeutic Resilience Approach (TRA)™ is a methodology rooted in the concepts of lineage, legacy, literacy, and liberation. It empowers individuals to heal from childhood trauma by uncovering its roots, understanding its impact, and developing self-awareness to build resilience and reclaim their authentic selves.


At the heart of my transformative offerings lies the Therapeutic Resilience Approach (TRA), a unique methodology that seamlessly weaves lineage, legacy, literacy, and liberation. I provide three distinct yet interrelated services to cater to a diverse range of healing needs. The Empowered Healing Journey is a personalized one-on-one journey tailored to dive deep into individual challenges. For those seeking communal healing, the Collective Healing Journey offers a space to connect, share, and grow alongside others, fostering collective wisdom and support. Lastly, for individuals aiming for self-paced insight, the Self-Led Healing Journey features my book, "Living Liberated: Overcoming Childhood Trauma with the Therapeutic Resilience Approach (TRA)™," which provides foundational knowledge and actionable steps for emotional growth.


Healing from trauma means embracing awareness of its impact, staying authentic to who we are, and aligning with our true selves. It's a journey of self-discovery, genuine growth, and self-honor.

You deserve freedom from the burdens of childhood trauma. Learn how to break free with the Trauma Recovery Blueprint.

Nadia J. Charles
Free Gift
The Trauma Recovery Blueprint: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Unlock Your Healing: The Essential First Steps to Trauma Recovery

Begin your transformative journey with a blueprint tailored to guide you from awareness to alignment. 

  • Identify and recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma with an easy self-assessment.

  • Engage with reflection prompts to deeply understand and accept your true feelings.

  • Harness actionable exercises to align your daily actions with intentional healing.

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Client Testimonials

Through my time with Nadia, I've been able to get to the core of my trauma and how it still impacts me today and start having actual self-compassion. I've been able to start forgiving myself and those who hurt me in the past and start to move forward with my life. 

- Josie T.

In working with Nadia, I learned to listen to my inner voice to really identify what my true self had been screaming out for, and in doing so, I'm now able to speak up for myself and make choices that are in my best interest and which address my needs.

- Rachel A.

Nadia's insightful clarity created a meaningful shift for me. She invited me into more intention, more integrity, and more inner peace. I wholeheartedly recommend Nadia to anyone who's looking to change their circumstances and align with the future of their dreams.

- Nat S.


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