Nadia J Charles

Emotional Healing Facilitator for High Functioning Women Survivors of Childhood Abuse


Lifelong Learner, Personal Development Enthusiast, Analytical Thinker, Problem Solver, and Tea Drinker

Who I am

I am a survivor of childhood sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. In adulthood, the effects of my childhood abuse played out in love/sex addiction, intimacy avoidance, and high achievement. For most of my adult life, I proudly wore the badge of 'victim' because it provided a reason why every aspect of my life was falling apart.

Once I became ready to acknowledge that I was the common denominator in my dysfunctional life and realized that change had to come from within, I committed to learning about the subconscious effects of my traumatic past on my self-worth and relationships.

My personal transformation awakened a desire to help others so I decided to pursue a path of becoming a catalyst for the awakening and healing of other women struggling with self-worth and relationship issues.

Through my training in hypnotherapy and life coaching and personal research in trauma and addiction, I learned how trauma can deeply affect one’s emotional health and ability to live a full, happy and enriching life.

Healing requires courage and support to look at inner pain and find the fuel to transform that pain into power, into self-awareness, into intention, into confidence, into trust, into self-love and self-worth, into happiness, joy, and peace.

Using personal experience and professional training to bring clarity, focus, and insight into the challenges in overcoming a traumatic past, I work with women to release past traumas, connect with their true selves, heal their personal and intimate relationships, experience emotional freedom, and live a joyful life.

What I do

I help my clients live courageously and authentically. I create a safe, sacred space for healing to naturally happen and a supportive healing place for you to rediscover your strength, courage, and wisdom.

In working with me, you can expect to grow into a self-aware, self-loving, self-supporting, self-validating, and emotionally healthy creator of your life able to find emotionally healthy partners, create and sustain healthy intimate relationships.

Through uncovering and resolving the underlying causes behind why you're struggling, you can expect to feel more self-aware and intentional.

Through identifying the emotional needs not being met in your relationships, you can expect to be able to articulate what you need and be able to enforce your boundaries.

Through connecting the triggers to the patterns of behavior that have sabotaged your growth and development, you can expect to feel confident and committed moving your life forward.

How I work

  • In my coaching, I use powerful transformational questions to get to the heart of the issue and move you forward to achieve your goals.

  • I also use hypnotherapy, a relaxation technique used to remove, release, resolve, and rewind or replace past trauma, negative thought patterns or obstacles keeping you from moving forward in life.

  • I also employ aromatherapy, suggesting essential oil blends that support emotional healing and bring about positive mood change.

Who I can help

High-functioning, successful women who were victimized in childhood and used work and achievement to cope and survive. Women who on the outside seem to have it all together but who on the inside feel anything but. You might be a woman:

  • with a history of unhealthy relationships or a history of attracting unavailable or emotionally abusive partners.

  • who feels like they've been operating on autopilot and feels unfulfilled, lacking passion and purpose.

  • who has had therapy but feels there are unresolved issues tied to your past and haven't found the right space to work through them.

How to get started

  • If you’re ready to thrive in your life and relationships then I invite you into a deeper conversation with me. Let’s discuss what you’re struggling with and design a plan to move you forward.

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Rachel Ashley

"I’m now able to speak up for myself and make choices that are in my best interest."

Vina Powers

"It felt as if she took my hand and walked with me on my personal journey."

Carolyn Jillson

"Nadia has practical exercises and tools to simply shift your approach or attitude."