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Self-Led Healing Journey

Living Liberated Book Experience

Embark on a profound self-led journey of healing and transformation, discovering foundational knowledge, actionable insights, and reflective practices to overcome the burdens of childhood trauma and step into a life of liberation and fulfillment.
“Living Liberated: Overcoming Childhood Trauma with the Therapeutic Resilience Approach (TRA)™” is a companion on your journey toward emotional freedom and self-discovery. It’s designed to bring clarity and healing, offers a pathway to transform deep-seated wounds into wisdom and strength, and is rooted in the revolutionary Therapeutic Resilience Approach (TRA)™.

Having dedicated years to empowering women through trauma recovery, I've cultivated TRA, intertwining lineage, legacy, literacy, and liberation to foster holistic healing. “Living Liberated” is a manifestation of my passion, knowledge, and commitment to guide you through a transformative journey, helping you reconnect with your authentic self and live a life aligned with your truth and purpose.
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Living Liberated is your guide to:
  • Navigating the layers of past traumas with courage and clarity, understanding their impact, and reshaping your story.
  • Transforming the shadows of your past into empowering legacies, building resilience, and reclaiming your inherent worth.
  • Deepening your emotional literacy, fostering self-awareness, and enabling authentic self-expression.
  • Breaking the chains of the past, stepping into a life of freedom, fulfillment, and authenticity.
Through the transformative journey of Living Liberated, you will:
  • Unravel the threads of your lineage, understand inherited patterns and beliefs, and reshape your identity.
  • Discover and integrate your unspoken grief and unmet needs, allowing for healing, release, and renewal.
  • Experience a holistic approach to healing, harmonizing mind, body, and spirit, and fostering balanced well-being.
  • Reclaim your voice, power, and sovereignty, embracing your true self and crafting a life of purpose and joy.
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Living Liberated chapters:
Chapter 1: Understanding Childhood Trauma
Provides foundational knowledge on what constitutes childhood trauma and its diverse manifestations.
Chapter 2: The Pillars of TRA – Foundations for Healing
Introduces the core elements of the Therapeutic Resilience Approach (TRA)™.
Chapter 3: Lineage – Unearthing Resilience and Understanding Our Roots
Delves into exploring familial and cultural backgrounds and recognizing inherited patterns and beliefs.
Chapter 4: Legacy – The Shadows of Our Past and Their Hold on Our Present
Examines the influences of the past on the present and teaches ways to transform these legacies into strength and wisdom.
Chapter 5: Literacy – Understanding Ourselves from the Inside Out
Encourages the deepening of understanding and expression of emotions and fostering emotional intelligence.
Chapter 6: Liberation – A Journey Back to Our Authentic Self
Offers guidance on breaking free from past constraints, reclaiming authenticity, and stepping into a life of freedom and fulfillment.
Chapter 7: Unexpressed Grief Due to Childhood Trauma
Addresses the acknowledgment and processing of unexpressed grief resulting from childhood trauma, promoting healing and release.
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Who is this book for?
  • Those who value profound self-exploration and are ready to dive deep into their inner world.
  • Individuals seeking to understand and transform their emotional patterns and aspire to live a life of empowerment and resilience.
  • Anyone committed to their healing journey looking for structured, thoughtful, and enriching resources to support their path.
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This made me realize the importance of prioritizing myself and my needs, and allowed me the space, the resources, and the guidance to better understand myself and how to uplift and honor myself.

Kelley T., San Francisco, CA

What you receive:
The e-book, "Living Liberated: Overcoming Childhood Trauma with the Therapeutic Resilience Approach (TRA)™" with:
  • Comprehensive, insightful chapters guiding you through the layers of understanding and healing childhood trauma.
  • Actionable steps, reflective practices, and transformative tools to facilitate your journey toward emotional growth and liberation.
  • Access to the enriched, holistic wisdom of the Therapeutic Resilience Approach (TRA)™, offering a seamless integration of foundational knowledge and actionable insights.

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