Unraveling the Effects of Childhood Abuse in Adulthood

Are you struggling in life due to the abuse you suffered in childhood as a result of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, or a combination of all three or were affected by having witnessed violence, substance abuse or alcoholism in your home growing up?

If you were a victim of abuse as a child or witnessed domestic violence, substance or alcohol abuse growing up, and you either didn't have support from your caregivers to express your pain or if your abusers were your caregivers, then chances are, as an adult, you are burdened by pain, stress, grief, depression, hopelessness, helplessness, worry, anxiety or shame.

Do any of the below statements sound like you?

  • Do you repeatedly find yourself attracting partners who mistreat, disrespect or undervalue you or perhaps partners you can easily manipulate and control?

  • Do you find yourself exhibiting similar patterns of behavior you witnessed as a child in your relationships with your spouse, partner or children?

  • Do you remain in intimate relationships despite them being violent, emotionally unhealthy or mentally or sexually unsatisfying?

  • Are you addicted to being or falling in love and finding the 'one'?

  • Do you use sex, alcohol, drugs, shopping, eating, or television as a means of escaping or avoiding your pain?

  • Have you given up on life, settling for whatever you can get and whoever you can get it from, with no hope of your circumstances ever changing?

  • Are you angry, sad, depressed, fatigued, overweight, experience physical discomfort or have other ailments?

  • Do you avoid making friends or feel unable or afraid to create strong and deep bonds with others?

  • Do you prefer to isolate and live in the fantasies in your mind?

  • Do you feel unsafe in your environment and distrustful of anyone new you encounter?

  • Do you worry that people will always want something from you and are always on your guard?

  • Do you feel that life is a game of survival and that being vulnerable is a sign of weakness?

  • Do you wish for a miracle to take away all your pain and suffering?

  • Do you wish someone would just come along who understood you, cared for you, supported you and was there for you when you didn't feel strong or brave, someone who wouldn't judge, blame or shame you for doing the best you can?

Feeling at peace, happy, satisfied, fulfilled, and complete within yourself and in your relationships IS possible for you.

Feeling inspired on a daily basis to be the best person you can be and being a positive influence in the lives of others IS possible for you. Finding joy and purpose in life and being able to take full advantage of all the opportunities available to you IS possible for you.

Yet, chances are, the pain you've carried all these years, the pain that created the tangled mess that is your life today has left you feeling hopeless yet desperate for change.

You’ve probably tried toughening it out; there’s no doubt you’re a survivor because you’re here today. But life isn’t just about the ability to survive, it’s about thriving. Everything you’ve lived through, devastating and painful as it was would all be nothing if you allow it to destroy the life you have now and the opportunity you’ve been given to choose and create a new future.

I’m guessing you didn’t have the support you needed at the time you needed it most.

I’m guessing that maybe you were told to just forget it, that it was all in the past.

I’m guessing that you were made to feel like you had no right to feel the way you did because there were people who had it worse and that’s just life so get over it.

I’m guessing that you learned to bury your pain and suffering because you didn’t want to burden others.

Look, the truth of the matter is, I KNOW you have a voice inside of you yearning to scream, "Look at me, I’m hurting, can’t you see!? Can’t you see I’m dying inside!? Can’t you see how broken I feel!? Can’t you see I don’t want to go on living like this!? Can’t you see I need some help!? Stop telling me how to feel! Stop telling me to forget about it! Stop telling me other people have it worse! Stop telling me time will heal because it's been 20, 30, or 40 years already and enough is enough!

Time does heal but only if you know what to do during that time and only if you have the support and space for you to release your suffering and learn how to become whole again.

  • What would it be worth to you to feel emotionally healthy, not controlled or weighed down by your emotions or your experiences from the past?

  • What would it be worth to you to be able to set healthy boundaries and have others respect those boundaries?

  • What would it be worth to you to feel confident and secure within yourself so you wouldn't need to seek validation from someone else?

  • What would it be worth to you to have your spouse, partner or children respect and value you because you showed up in your relationships as a whole and complete person?

  • What would it be worth to you to be in a relationship with a partner or spouse who was supportive, communicative, and willing to grow emotionally and spiritually?

  • What would it be worth to you to live in an environment that inspired you and supported your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs?

If you no longer want to see the life you desire to live and the person you want to be slip further and further away and you are ready and willing to experience all that life has to offer and live a vivid and vibrant life, untethered by the emotional baggage of your past, then you're in the right place.

My mission is to empower, inspire and support women to create and live an emotionally healthy, vibrant, and fulfilled life.

I am a survivor of childhood sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. For most of my adult life, I proudly wore the badge of 'victim' because it provided a reason why every aspect of my life was falling apart.

My relationships failed one after the other. When partners got too close, I pushed them away.

I was in and out of debt from trying to buy happiness and wear the mask of affluence.

I was a workaholic and when I wasn't working, I was a hermit, all to avoid forming relationships because I was unable to trust and was afraid of being hurt, judged and rejected.

I put the dreams I wanted to pursue on a shelf and tagged them 'someday'.

I moved from city to city hoping to find someone or something that would make me happy and time and time again, I only found disappointment.

As a survivor of childhood abuse, a recovered love and sex addict and intimacy avoidant, I understand how trauma can deeply affect one's emotional health and ability to live a vivid and vibrant life full of joy, love and fulfillment.

After nearly 35 years of living this way, with the help of a coach, I made the decision to commit to myself and pursue a dream I'd had on the shelf for 5 years which was to go back to school to pursue non-traditional studies in holistic therapies.

I never imagined how much a year spent in dedication to fulfilling a dream would aid in healing my wounded self.

Learning how the subconscious mind works and about the effects of childhood trauma, was the start of my personal evolution journey. I quickly decided that my purpose was to be a catalyst for the awakening and healing of others in emotional pain and distress.

Which is why I created Nourish.

Nourish is one on one coaching designed to restore your core self, create a foundation of self-love, and rebuild your self-esteem, self-worth, self-compassion, self-confidence, and self-trust.

Your true self, the essence of who you are, is hidden behind pain, stress, grief, depression, hopelessness, helplessness, worry, anxiety, and shame. Nourish is one on one coaching for women survivors of childhood abuse that walks you through a six step process to unravel the emotional damage caused by your childhood trauma in order to restore inner peace and create an emotionally healthy, vivid, vibrant, and fulfilled life.

  • Step One is observing and acknowledging the existence of these emotional states in your day to day life.

  • Step Two is examining how you’ve been coping with these emotional states and evaluating their effectiveness.

  • Step Three is learning what unmet needs and fears of your wounded self are driving these emotional states.

  • Step Four is seeking guidance from your inner wisdom for direction in how to meet your needs and address your fears.

  • Step Five is taking intentional and loving action to meet your needs and address your fears.

  • Step Six is reviewing your results and adjusting wherever necessary until you experience inner peace and joy where once you experienced unsupportive emotional states.

Through this process, you'll develop a deep level of self-awareness, able to observe your emotions without being controlled by them. You'll develop an unbreakable connection with your inner wisdom, knowing exactly when you've fallen out of integrity and be able to return to alignment. You'll develop personal accountability, consciously making choices and taking intentional action to move you in your right direction.

What would it feel like to finally experience the results you desire to have in life?

When you are aware of the triggers that put you in unsupportive emotional states and are deeply attuned to your inner wisdom, you are able to consciously choose and take intentional action to design your life and create your future.

If you are ready to live a vivid and vibrant life, untethered by the emotional baggage of your past, schedule a discovery call.

"Nadia is insightful and authentic and brings a different perspective." Suzette K. Tempe, AZ

“Nadia has practical exercises and tools to simply shift your approach or attitude.” Carolyn J. Chicago, IL

"I feel renewed and ready to discover and create a new life!" Tabitha V. Tempe, AZ

“If felt as if she took my hand and walked with me on my personal journey." Vina P. Las Vegas, NV

"In working with Nadia, I learned to listen to my inner voice to really identify what my true self had been screaming out for and in doing so, I’m now able to speak up for myself and make choices that are in my best interest and which address my needs." Rachel Ashley, Tempe AZ