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Empowered Healing Journey

A One on One Experience

Helping high-achieving women of color heal childhood trauma, align personal growth with intentional pursuits, and embrace a life of purpose and balance.
In this transformative 1:1 journey, you'll be supported to not only understand and heal from your past traumas but to also channel that awareness into achieving your goals with clarity and confidence. Rediscover your identity, free from the shadows of past experiences, and embrace a future filled with potential and purpose.

I have spent years working with incredible women like you, diving deep into the roots of trauma and understanding the unique challenges and strengths that come with being a high-achieving individual. My approach integrates both intuitive guidance and evidence-based strategies to create a nurturing space where genuine healing and growth can flourish.
Empowered Healing Journey is medicine for those who:
  • Constantly battle with internal voices from the past, questioning their worth and abilities.
  • Success feels bittersweet due to unhealed scars overshadowing their accomplishments.
  • Oscillate between the need to prove themselves and the desire to hide from the world.
  • Experience moments of vulnerability triggering past traumas and unpredictable responses.
  • Resort to detrimental habits in an attempt to soothe their internal turmoil.
Through our work together, you'll be able to:
  • Understand the root of your trauma, healing deeply rather than just masking the pain.
  • Integrate past experiences into your evolving identity, allowing for full embrace and celebration of your achievements.
  • Create an environment where authentic self-expression meets intentional achievement.
  • Ground yourself during life's challenges without resorting to detrimental habits.
  • Transform past traumas into assets, harnessing your unique strengths and experiences in both personal and professional spheres.
What do you want to uncover…
  • Your emotional triggers and their origins?
  • The influence of your lineage on your present state?
  • Patterns that have held you back for years?
  • The true depth of your trauma's impact?
  • Ways to articulate your feelings and responses more effectively?
  • Strategies for fostering personal liberation and empowerment?
  • Understanding the bridge between awareness, authenticity, and alignment in your life?
  • Techniques to weave the core principles of TRA into your daily routine?
These are facets of your emotional and mental landscape that we can delve into during our sessions together.
How to know if this is a good fit for you:
I believe in holistic healing that integrates the mind, body, and spirit. Our sessions will require your commitment and openness. If you're looking for quick fixes without delving deep, I may not be the coach for you. I invite clients who are ready to take responsibility for their healing journey, to show up authentically, and to engage with the process with an open heart.
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Through my time with Nadia, I've been able to get to the core of my trauma... I've been able to start forgiving myself and move forward with my life.

Josie T., MN

What you receive:
  • 8 bi-weekly coaching sessions (60 minutes each). Must be used within 6 months.
  • Access to a curated set of resources tailored to your healing journey.
  • Continued support through email between sessions.
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$2400 US or
(4) x $600 Monthly Payments

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