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Collective Healing Journey

A Group Experience

Join a group of high-achieving women of color to heal from childhood trauma, grow together, and embrace the power of communal resilience.
Growth is not a solo journey. In the Collective Healing Journey, you’ll be part of a vibrant community of like-minded women. Together, you'll embark on a shared adventure of understanding, healing, and empowerment. This group experience combines the power of individual insights with the strength of collective wisdom, offering you a uniquely enriching environment to thrive in.

Through years of experience in guiding incredible women on their healing paths, I've discovered the magic that arises when these women come together. The collective energy, understanding, and support amplify the healing process, making this group experience a transformative one.
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Collective Healing Journey is an opportunity for you to:
  • Dive deep into understanding and healing past traumas in a nurturing environment.
  • Step beyond feelings of isolation and move towards authentic self-recognition and acceptance.
  • Access the power of multiple perspectives, unlocking insights that might remain hidden in solo exploration.
  • Embrace an intentional journey, tapping into collective wisdom while also honoring your unique path.
  • Experience a space where your journey is acknowledged, your challenges understood, and your growth celebrated.
Through this transformative experience, you'll be able to:
  • Connect authentically with your inner self, guided by shared insights and collective wisdom.
  • Navigate the intricate landscape of trauma and identity with resilience and hope.
  • Absorb a plethora of healing techniques and insights, drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences.
  • Cultivate a sense of unity in your journey while understanding and cherishing the power of individual stories.
  • Recognize and celebrate your growth steps, reinforced by a supportive atmosphere that understands both the uniqueness and commonality of each journey.
Collaborating at Work
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How to know if this is a good fit for you:
This group experience thrives on mutual respect, vulnerability, and openness. It's essential that members approach the group with a heart of collaboration. If you're not ready to share and engage actively, or if you prefer a one-on-one experience, this might not be the best fit. I welcome those who are ready to be a part of a collective journey, respecting each member’s pace and perspective.
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client testimonial image
This program was a magnifying glass that makes it easier to trace back where current dissatisfaction and dysfunction in your life come from and lives.

Chelsea V., Oakland, CA

What you receive:
  • 8 bi-weekly sessions (120 minutes each). Groups are limited to 6 participants.
  • Access to a private community forum for ongoing support and discussions.
  • Curated resources tailored for group exploration and mutual growth.


$1200 US, or
(4) x $300 Monthly Payments

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