Transforming Insecurity

Group Coaching Program for Survivors of Childhood Trauma

Program Overview and Goals

If you feel inadequate (not good enough), question your worth, and are uncertain and anxious about your value, your future, or your relationships, then you're likely struggling with insecurity.

Insecurity can appear as indecision, being self-critical, having low self-esteem, perfectionism, social anxiety, isolation, mistrust, avoiding forming relationships, people-pleasing, and constant stress.

If you are a survivor of childhood trauma and feel a sense of powerlessness as an adult and an inability to have the kind of life you truly desire, complete the form below to learn more about joining this Certified Trauma Recovery Coach facilitated group coaching program.

Transforming Insecurity will help you understand the roots of your insecurity, show up bravely in your life and relationships, able to speak up for your needs, and get the respect, affection, attention, and acknowledgment you deserve.

The goal of this group coaching program is to transform insecurity into self-awareness, self-confidence, self-compassion, and self-love.

You will understand the intersection between insecurity and authenticity and how your unconscious and conscious insecurities keep you from showing up in your life courageously and honestly. You will explore the origins of your insecurities through deep and reflective exercises and chart a new path for stepping into your life with more courage, confidence, and authenticity, able to embrace who you truly are, daring to feel your feelings, and show others your true self without fear of judgment or shame.

Program Details

  • Overall Group Length: 6 weeks

  • Length of Each Group Session: 90 minutes

  • Time: TBD (based on participants' day/time preference)

  • Dates: TBD (based on participants' day/time preference)

  • Max Number of Participants: 10

  • Location: Online via Zoom

  • Screening process: Complete an application and interview

  • Fee: $300; payment assistance options available

Program Schedule

Session #1 Theme: Introduction

  • Goal: To establish group norms and safety, and begin to form a group relationship

  • Content: Present group expectations, guidelines, and values and introduce ourselves and share desired takeaways

Session #2 Theme: Identification

  • Goal: To understand how our negative core beliefs diminish self-confidence and self-worth, and increases our fear of showing up authentically

  • Content: Define insecurity, authenticity, and core beliefs; identify negative core beliefs

Session #3 Theme: Origin

  • Goal: To understand where our insecurities came from

  • Content: Explore intergenerational trauma aftereffects and discuss our role in our family of origin, family mythology, motto, rules, and worldview and how they contributed to the formation of our insecurities

Session #4 Theme: Reflection

  • Goal: To understand we are no longer at the mercy of our painful past and can step into our power, guilt-free, able to advocate for our needs and desires through voice and choice

  • Content: Reflect on and discuss what we needed vs what we received, what we deserve vs what we accept, what we ask for vs what we don’t ask for, what masks we wear for fear of showing up, and the resentment and false assumptions and expectations created as a result

Session #5 Theme: Intention

  • Goal: To set out a plan for moving from how we show up now in our lives and relationships to where we want to be

  • Content: Identify resources (inner and external) and strategies we can use as we progress with our end goal in mind

Session #6 Theme: Conclusion

  • Goal: To summarize our work as a group and transition out of the group space

  • Content: Group members will be given an opportunity to share their insights, celebrate successes and growth, and complete an assessment

How to Apply

Not everyone is a good fit for this group. The most important consideration for any Trauma Recovery Coaching Group is safety. As the leader of the group, it’s my job to make sure that the group will be a safe experience for every participant. We want the group to be a helpful experience for everyone in it – and if the group is repeatedly triggering or causes you to feel unsafe then you won’t be able to receive the benefits from attending it. As a result, in order to enroll in this group, we do have a screening process. This is a very important part of making sure that the group is safe for you and all participants.

The screening process is comprised two parts: an application that I ask you to complete and an interview that I will invite you to attend if I review your application and believe the group is a good fit for you. If, after the interview, both you and I continue to feel that the group is a good fit for you then you will be invited to enroll in it. No payment will be required until you have gone through the screening process and been invited to enroll in the group.

Cover photo by Ian Kiragu on Unsplash