Book Study

If you live in the Las Vegas area, come and join a motivated and powerful group of women on a journey of empowerment.

Empowering Women Book Study is an opportunity to connect with like-minded women to form friendships and a support network, to clear up areas in your life in which you may be struggling, to create a different vision for your future, and to commit to taking action to make that vision a reality.

The study group is more than just a book club. Each session will be led by me, Nadia J Charles, transformational life coach and hypnotherapist and each session will guide you using the books we read to make real and impactful change in your life, relationships, career, finances, and emotional and spiritual well-being.

*The cost of the book study, not including the books, is $20/per month or $5 per session. Be sure to check back here for updates for future books.*

Cost: $5/per session or $20/per month, please bring exact money

Time: Every Wednesday evening 6pm – 8pm

Location: Online, email for information

What to bring: Assigned book, a notebook/pad and pen

Preparation: Read the assigned chapter(s)

Registration: Complete the form below.

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Book Eleven - Starting Oct 28th, 2020

Weeks: Wednesday October 28th - Wednesday February 24th, 2021, we will be studying Humanual: A Manual for Being Human and the eBook can be purchased here or by clicking the image.

Each of us has an everyday self that we assume our self to be. But what if there is more to us than meets the eye? What if there is an expanded version of our self that includes not only the habitual patterns, the lost parts, and the innate organization but also a connection to the grand, scintillating space of the universe and the possibilities it offers us?

HUMANUAL is a unique and comprehensive approach to self-knowledge and self-improvement, offering a clear, concise, and rather simple set of explanations and exercises to facilitate understanding and unity of body, mind, and spirit. Many of us have lost our connection to each other, the planet, ourselves, and our bodies, causing distress and discomfort. But in actuality, we have a wealth of resources inside of us that we can learn to enliven and use to our advantage to access health and well-being. Anyone can use the exercises in this book for personal exploration and growth. You will learn:

  • How to become aware of habitual thought and movement patterns that prevent you from embodying your full sense of Self in body, mind, and spirit.

  • How to breathe to full capacity, with maximum efficiency and minimal effort, according to our inherent design, which fully oxygenates your system to feel more awake and alive in the present moment.

  • How to cope with and resolve overwhelming experiences, and handle stress that can hinder enjoyment of a rich, positive experience of life.

  • How to awaken your inherent potential by finding the support from the ground that can lead to full stature and expansion, while noting how trauma and overwhelm can interfere with this process.

HUMANUAL will help you learn to use what you already have within you . . . and expand your full potential! Learn to do whatever you do with just a bit more presence in every minute. The book is both instructional and inspirational.

Part I: Expanded Self, Dynamic Unity of Self, Mind, Emotion, Body, and Spirit

  • October 28th, 2020: Read Preface, Introduction and Ch. 1, The Expanded Self Arises from Unity

  • November 4th, 2020: Read Ch. 2, How We Develop as Humans

  • November 11th, 2020: Read Ch. 3, Embodied Patterns and Character

  • November 18th, 2020: Read Ch. 4, Movement and Immobility for Defense and Connection

  • November 25th, 2020: Read Ch. 5, Nervous and Resilience: The Ability to Bounce Back

  • December 2nd, 2020: Read Ch. 6, Trauma and Overwhelm: Finding Ease Underneath Pain

Part II: Expanded Self, Unity in Action

  • December 9th, 2020: Read Ch. 7, The Unity Principle: Psychology, Biology, and Muscles-How They Work as One

  • December 16th, 2020: Read Ch. 8, Spirals: Our Deep Support

  • December 23rd, 2020: Read Ch. 9, Embodied Gravity and Antigravity

  • December 30th, 2020: Read Ch. 10, Form and Function Myth-Breakers

  • January 6th, 2021: Read Ch. 11, Moving into Freedom as You Sit, Stand, and Walk

Part III: Expanded Self, Undeniable Unity

  • January 13th, 2021: Read Ch. 12, Breath: Connecting Inner and Outer

  • January 20th, 2021: Read Ch. 13, Embodied Emotions

  • January 27th, 2021: Read Ch. 14, Presence: Your Multidimensional Aliveness

  • February 3rd, 2021: Read Ch. 15, Spiritual Life: The Way Out of the Body is Through the Body

  • February 10th, 2021: Read Ch. 16, Meditation, A Quintessential Practice

  • February 17th, 2021: Read Ch. 17, Feeling at Home in Your Expanded Self: Wholeness

  • February 24th, 2021: Read Ch. 18, The Unified Field of Universal Love and Final Thoughts: The Quantum Universe

March 3rd, 2021: New Book TBD