There are moments when every one of us has contemplated how we came be where we are. Perhaps life just kinda happened without you even realizing where the years went. Perhaps you kept putting off doing that thing you always talked with your best friend about because there was always something else that took priority. Perhaps you’ve just outgrown where you are, where you no longer feel the same drive or passion for what you did before.

However you got here, there’s a question hovering in the air around these thoughts. That question is, ‘is this it’?

Asking or wondering, ‘is this it?’ presupposes there’s a bubbling maybe a burning desire for more than what you have, more than who you are, more than what you’ve done, and more than what you’ve known.

For some, this is an exciting place to be in life and for others, it’s downright frightening because how do you become something you’ve never been? The answer’s quite simple really. It’s a choice.

You either choose to live with asking the perpetual question of ‘is this it?’, looking at everything and everyone around you, resentment growing, sucking your spirit dry or you choose, despite the fear, discomfort, and uncertainty, to open to the experience of discovering.

You see, the how is not important, it’s the doing that energizes and motivates and creates momentum. It’s in the doing that you become alive again. The doing connects new synaptic pathways, broadening your perspective and your insight into never before aware of possibilities.

So how do you start doing amidst fear, discomfort, and uncertainty? With a lot of faith and unconditional love and compassion for yourself. Faith in the certainty that you are divinely supported in your choosing to grow. Unconditional love and self-compassion that no matter how many times you falter or get sidetracked, that you love yourself without judgment and criticism.

So the choice is yours, step into faith or shrink back. I hope you choose stepping into faith so you can begin this journey of exploring the wonders and beauty of what is now possible for you.