Contrary to popular belief, good things do not happen to those who wait. Good things happen to those who take action. If you want to live a life with no regrets, one that is joyful and meaningful, surrounded by people who value, love and support you, full of memorable experiences and the fulfillment of your deepest desires, then you must commit to abundance.

When you commit to abundance:

  1. You activate as a receiver attracting positive energy

  2. You naturally achieve a balanced life because you become your #1 priority

  3. You stop majoring in minor things and break through challenges quicker and come out stronger

  4. You create a direct and clear connection to universal source

  5. You discover your core truths, the driving forces behind your commitments

  6. And you will be empowered to live in accordance with them

  7. You evolve into the highest expression of yourself

  8. You achieve mental, spiritual, physical and emotional freedom

  9. You express gratitude for what you have and more to be grateful for comes your way

  10. You kickstart and supercharge your personal growth

  11. You heal the wounds of the past

  12. Others are inspired by you and want to be near your high vibration

  13. Your word becomes your law as you live in integrity with yourself

  14. You live with intention as your every move is in direct alignment with your soul’s mission

  15. You are guided by your inner knowing

  16. You attract love and give love unconditionally

  17. You manifest your deepest desires easily

  18. You practice the art of positive motivation to achieve all your goals

  19. You nurture your body, spirit, heart, and soul

  20. You become open to unimaginable blessings

  21. You are driven by passion heard in the words you speak, seen in the things you do and known by the choices you make

  22. You discover the power within you that enables you to face any challenge certain of victory

  23. You live on purpose not easily swayed by distractions

  24. You reclaim the power you allowed others to have over you

  25. You release the blocks that kept you from moving forward

  26. You resolve and dissolve the attachment to the painful stories of your past

  27. You transcend your pain and transform it into your purpose

  28. You unleash your limitless potential

  29. Your vision becomes your reality with each step you take on your healing journey

In order to commit to abundance, you must de-commit to lack, de-commit to destructive behaviors and habits, de-commit to disserving beliefs and attitudes, de-commit to broken promises, de-commit to disempowering stories of the past. When you commit to abundance, you commit to happiness, you commit to healing, you commit to now, you commit to YOU!

What are you committed to? Unveil the unconscious commitments that are no longer serving you and formally declare new commitments to attract abundance into your life with the New Commitment Worksheet, a guide to help you connect to your innermost dreams and desires, expose and reframe negative mental chatter, and adopt new habits & behaviors to ensure your success.

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